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We have compiled some of our most popular unique gift ideas for men, dads, husbands and grandfathers that we have gathered over the years. Most of these gifts you can assemble yourself and a variety of items can be found at your local stores. ?

Hunting Gift Basket

• Camouflage duct tape

• Animal calls (duck, moose, deer etc.)

• Beef Jerky and other snacks

• Camouflage hat and shirt

• Gift cards to their local sport shop

Fishing Gift Basket

•Fishing lures and hooks

•Rubber Bait

•Fish scale (weigh)

•Filet Knife

•Fish Batter

•Cast iron skillet

•Fishing Reel and Line

•Fish Net •Hat and T-shirt


Golf Gift Basket

Is he retiring? Maybe now is the time to get him into golfing:

•Golf Balls

•Golf Tees

•Hat and Polo Shirt

•Putter covers

•Water and Snacks

•Golf Towel

•Golf Gloves

•Golf Bag

•and Ball cleaning tools

Beer Gift Basket

•Assemble all of his favorite beers in a large ice bucket, cooler or even a simple box and don't forget to add a bottle opener!

•Or get him a Beer making kit to make his own beers at home

Barbecue Gift Basket (BBQ)

For the Man that loves to BBQ:

•Barbecue tools

•Barbecue cleaning Brush

•Barbecue Sauce and Seasonings

•Vegetable tray

•Kebab Skewers

•Beer Can Chicken Kit

Movie Night Gift Basket

Everything to enjoy a movie night at home:

•Microwavable popcorn

•Popcorn Seasonings

•Chips and Dip

•Nuts •Candy


•Movie Gift Card


Sports Gift Basket

Find out his favourite sports team - hockey, baseball, football and add:



•Fuzzy Dice

•Pens and pencils

•Bottle holder

•Beer can holder

•Metal Sign

•Beer Glasses and Snack Bowls

•Snacks like Nuts, Chips, Popcorn, Tortilla chips and Salsa

Cottage Gift Basket

Does he love going to the cottage? Get him something to enjoy his time up there

•Books or Magazines

•Cd's or Dvd's

•Wine and Wine Glasses

•Crackers, Cheese, Dips on a serving dish

•Custom cottage hat or t-shirt

•Custom Made sign for the cottage

For more ideas feel free to visit our site under gifts for men, or under the custom page. http://www.giftsforeveryreason.com/gifts-for-men-dad-husband-grandpa

Happy Basket Making from Gifts for Every Reason !