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We are a Gift Basket Company that cares.

Crochet Blankets for Seniors:

Blankets for Seniors

Started in 2018, Founder Alesse Antonik also the owner of Gifts for Every Reason, decided to start crocheting lap blankets for seniors and hand them out to local senior homes in the Durham area. Preferably focusing on those seniors who do not have family who visit them often, seniors with dementia, Alzheimer's, in long term care, seniors with low income and even in hospice.  A lap blanket is the perfect size when sitting in a chair or couch to keep the chill out.  She purchases yarn from local thrift stores and bidding sites and has started requesting donations of leftover yarn from the community. The program has grown so fast that she has had to ask for help from the community to make the blankets.  With the help of the community, she has handed out almost 450 crochet and knit blankets in 2018 and hopes to keep going. 

Listen here to CHFI's Feel Good Story: 

Helping To Comfort Seniors, One Lap Blanket At A Time!

You know I love a local feel good story and today's comes from just down the road in Durham region where Alesse Antonik owns an online custom gift basket company. Alesse has decided to start crocheting lap blankets for seniors and just handing them out to seniors homes in the Durham area. Focusing on seniors who don't have family who visit them often and you know, can use a little extra comfort. Alesse started by buying yarn from local thrift stores and betting sites to make the blankets but that as you can imagine, got a little pricey so Alesse has been asking for leftover yarn donations and it's working! In three months Alesse has made and donated just over 35 blankets in Ajax, Pickering and Whitby and hopes to hand out 200 more by the fall. We've got the linc online. If you are a knitter or you have a family member who is, you can help out. And Alesse what a great idea! See it's the simple little things that can make a big difference in other people's lives. Good for you. That's your CHF I feel good story of the day get out there and make one of your phone if you can.

Volunteering at Whitby Food Truck Frenzy:

Alesse Antonik, owner of Gifts for Every Reason, recruited over 25 teens to come with her to volunteer at Whitby's Food Truck Frenzy.  A great way to give back to the community and help teens get their mandatory volunteer hours in.   

  MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes Volunteering with us.

Plush for Seniors

Founder Alesse Antonikdistributes new and gently-used stuffed animals and baby dolls to Seniors living in nursing homes, to help comfort and encourage them. More and more senior citizens are entering nursing homes. Many of them have lost spouses or loved ones. Some of them have no family to speak of, while others do not have routine family and friend visitors. Life can be lonely and challenging. A stuffed animal or doll can  give people a feeling of comfort.  Let's give a second life to a stuffed animal or baby doll and brighten the day of an elderly person today. 


Pickering Pumpkin Give-a-way

Our 1st annual pumpkin Give-a-way was a huge success.  Free pumpkins, coffee, hot cocoa and a chance to win a beautiful Gift Basket!

Adopt a Park

As a founding member of The Hart of Business, we have adopted Vanier Park.  Whitby's first Zip Line park, complete with splash pad, sand box, play ground and a beautiful seating area. We look forward to working with the Town of Whitby to keep this park an enjoyable part of our community.

Durham Region Mayor's Gala supporting Ontario Philharmonic

Gifts for Every Reason, has been a proud supporter of the Durham Region Mayor's Gala for several years. Residents of Ajax, Brock, Clarington, Oshawa, Pickering, Scugog, Uxbridge and Whitby help to raise funds to support the Ontario Philharmonic which gives back to the community through various programs. Silent auction items are skillfully put together to produce exquisite elite Gift Baskets highlighting many businesses.



Alesse Antonik Owner of Gifts for Every Reason, and Hayley Tsimidis of Arbonne, helping the Mayor of Whitby Pat Perkins and the Metro East Anglers in Whitby, transfer 15,000 young salmon to a pen in Whitby harbour where they will be fed and nurtured before being imprinted and released into Lake Ontario. Read more here: newspaper

Whitby Councillor Lorne Coe at the Marina helping out with Alesse and Hayley.

Exhausted! Cleaning up the HILL at the Whitby Civic Park. A few more volunteers didn't make it in the picture but thanks to Aaron Albright, Lisa Albright, Alesse Antonik of Gifts for Every Reason, Colin, Jeff, Tanya and all the kids and that came out today to help. Almost 20 garbage bags were collected. Time to put up our feet and rest till we do this again.

Alesse Antonik of Gifts for Every Reason, volunteering at Tee's and Cue's Indoor Golf for their Charity Golf Tournament -They raised over $3000 for Grandview Kids  March 29 2014 -Read more here: newspaper 

Proud supporter of Girl Guides. Seen below, volunteering with the guides for their Cookie selling and Tree planting programs.


Supporter of the Shoebox Project - delivering small gifts to Women’s Shelters.