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Darren Osborne, CHFI Radio - April 2018

"You know I love a local feel good story and today's comes from just down the road in Durham region where Alesse Antonik owns an online custom gift basket company. Alesse has decided to start crocheting lap blankets for seniors and just handing them out to seniors homes in the Durham area. Focusing on seniors who don't have family who visit them often and you know, can use a little extra comfort. Alesse started by buying yarn from local thrift stores and betting sites to make the blankets but that as you can imagine, got a little pricey so Alesse has been asking for leftover yarn donations and it's working! In three months Alesse has made and donated just over 35 blankets in Ajax, Pickering and Whitby and hopes to hand out 200 more by the fall. We've got the linc online. If you are a knitter or you have a family member who is, you can help out. And Alesse what a great idea! See it's the simple little things that can make a big difference in other people's lives. Good for you. That's your CHF I feel good story of the day get out there and make one of your phone if you can."

Started in 2014, Founder Alesse Antonik also the owner of Gifts for Every Reason, decided to start crocheting lap blankets for seniors and hand them out to local senior homes in the Durham area. 

She focused on those seniors who do not have family who visit them often, seniors with Dementia, Alzheimer's, in long term care, seniors with low income and even in hospice. A lap blanket is the perfect size when sitting in a chair or couch to keep the chill out. 

Alesse started by purchasing yarn from local thrift stores and bidding sites. The program grew so fast that she has had to ask for help from the community to make the blankets and help donate leftover yarn.

The feedback from seniors, people dontating yarn and those helping make the blankets has been overwhelming.  So many tears, hugs and smiles were shared amongst those who donated items as well as those who received items. 

With the help of the community, Alesse has handed out over 20,000 crochet and knitted blankets, fidget blankets, stuffed dolls and animals.  

"The program has touched so many lives and I am truly blessed to have been a part of the program and meet so many people in the community."   Alesse Antonik

Crochet Blankets for Seniors

Bereavement Mother's Day Project

Bereaved Mother's Day Project

Started in 2022. Grieving the loss of an infant or child is so incredibly difficult, and the pain never leaves them.  This Mother’s Day, Gifts for Every Reason, would like to honor these strong women, by delivering complimentary gift boxes of local treats to them. It’s a small way to let them know they are thought about. 

Update: What an outpour of love. What began as 5 gift boxes has now been increased to 25, thanks to donations!  What we didn't expect were the stories people provided. Suicides, murder, cancer, miscarriages, accidents. Horrific tragic losses. At the very least, this has become a platform to share stories and we are truly honored to have been able to hold space for these incredible women.

We look forward to doing this inititive again next year. Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates. (see bottom of page for links)

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