How to spot a reputable online business - quickly

That is the million dollar question.  So many businesses create websites, but there is no consequence for posting fake information.  Any business can say they’ve been in business 25 years, have won awards, been in the news and have great reviews.  But how true is all this? What can YOU do to check who you are purchasing from and insure you have the best experience?

Who you gonna call? 

Check the ownership of the company. Is there an address listed on the website? Is there an About Us page that lists owners or people? Do they SHOW PROOF of their awards and news articles?  


Search engine is your best friend 

Use Google search on the company’s name to see what turns up. All businesses will have some reviews on Facebook, Instagram, news articles.  If nothing comes up on the company, it usually means it’s a newly created business and you’ll need to dig a little deeper. 

Who are they really? 

Better Business Bureau is always my first go to when checking on a business.  Simply enter the company name and see what pops up.  A dishonest business will have lots of negative reviews. Trust Pilot is another website that will list information on businesses.  

Don't just order from the first company that comes up in a search.  Use the internet to your advantage and take back your online purchasing power.   (Gifts for Every Reason is a great example how a reputable online business should look like).