Vegan Gift Baskets Toronto with Free Delivery 

(See Vegan and Vegetarian Gifts)

Wondering what Vegan is? Vegan is a person who does not eat anything that is of animal origin. This will include items such as butter, milk, eggs, cheese, honey and meat. 

Gifts for Every Reason, has made it easy to send these specialty gifts to loved ones, friends and clients. We will include items such as; Kale, nuts, fruits, salmon, milk and butter free crackers, special jams and dips. 

And did we mention we taste test everything before it goes into out baskets? Why do we do this? Because Gifts for Every Reason is a company that cares, and understands the importance of sending a correct Vegan gift. We have Vegan friends and family and we make it our business to ensure you send something your loved one can enjoy. 

Some Famous Vegans/ Vegetarians

 • Alicia Silverstone (Actress) 
• Joaquim Phoenix (Actor) 
• Linda Blair (Actress) 
• Pamela Anderson (Actress) 
• Paul McCartney (Musician) 
• Prince (Musician) 
• Sinead O'Connor (Musician) 
• Benjamin Franklin (Scientist) 
• Albert Einstein (Scientist) 
• Sir Isaac Newton (mathematician) 
• H.G. Wells (Author) 
• Hans Christian Andersen (Author) 
• Leonardo da Vinci (Italian painter) 
• Vincent Van Gogh (painter) 
• Henry Ford (Founder of Ford Motor Co) • Plato (Greek philosopher)