In addition to making lap blankets for seniors, Gifts for Every Reason started making a few baby dolls and animals to hand out to Seniors patients with Dementia and Alzheimer's.  The Feedback was so good, we've now added these to the items we hand out all year long.

We have heard back from a few long term seniors homes and the feedback on the dolls/animals has been very good.  Seniors who are agitated are handed a doll and immediately their focus goes to the doll, allowing the care giver to continue with their task at hand. The doll and the animals have been very calming for seniors immediately putting them at ease.  

Gifts for Every Reason, has handed out Crocheted sleeping dolls, regular dolls with arms and legs, octopus with tentacles to fidget with, and stuffed bears.  Each one has it's own personality with little hats, hair, eyes and all in different fun colours.