Send a thank-you note for every referral, and a gift for every referral that turns into business.

Thank-you notes should be handwritten, on a note card or postcard that isn't branded with your company advertising. Keep a supply of traditional, fun, theme and plain note cards handy for all occasions throughout the year.

For gifts, don't send the same old thing to everyone. Instead, take a minute to think about what your customer would really like. If they're dedicated wine connoisseurs, send wine. If they're into sports, try tickets to a game. For gourmets or candy-o-holics, food baskets work wonders, and are available in almost any size, style and budget at the click of a mouse.  Gifts for every Reason carries a wide range of baskets including; cheese/crackers/dips, Diabetic, Gluten Free, Arabic and Kosher.

Most sales people send Christmas cards. If you want to stand out and be remembered by your customers, why not try something a little different?  In addition to sending cards out each December 25th, mix a few of the following ideas into your annual calendar:

Valentine's Day candy baskets.

Birthday cakes on their birthday.

Champagne on their company's anniversary.

Thank-you cards or gifts on their anniversary of doing business with you.

Gifts for their children's birthdays.

Plants on the first day of spring, or at Easter.

Candy at Halloween.

Gifts for your clients' admin assistants on Secretaries' Day.

Thanksgiving cards or food baskets.

One last thing, NEVER send electronic greeting cards. E-cards look like you were too lazy or didn't care enough to do the real leg work needed to honor your customer. Go the extra mile, and write a personalized note. That little extra effort is what will get you noticed - and get you more referrals.


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