1.Ask about allergies. If possible, find out whether the recipient has allergies. Many companies will make substitutions if you inquire when ordering.

2.Consider the shipping cost. Shipping and handling of gift baskets, especially those that contain perishables, can run as much as $40.

3.Make sure you note the measurements of the basket. There are many baskets that look amazing in photographs, but in some cases they look smaller than you might think.

4.Before ordering, go online and look up the company’s name. Make sure they are listed in a variety of directories such as Yellow pages, Google, Facebook, yelp, newspapers etc. These will often show customer reviews, complaints and give you an overall feel for the company.

5.‘Real’ Testimonials are important. When reading testimonials, ensure that names, cities and dates are listed. It’s easy for some companies to fake reviews by just using pretend initials.

6.Order early for holidays. To ensure holiday deliver, contact the company to learn the order cut-off date. December 19 is a common deadline date for Christmas delivery.

7.When sending a sympathy gift, remember the children. Many times we design family baskets with an extra little teddy bear for the young ones to make them feel safe and loved.

8.ICU in Hospitals do not accept helium balloons or flowers! Send a gourmet basket instead. They can be shared with the family or even the busy nurses!

9.Extended Hospital stay. We’ve had such great feedback when we send a stuffed bear with the gift. The recipient uses the bear as a focus point, for pain relief, comfort, and stress control.

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