painted stones      Whitby     

Whitby Kindness Rock Project

Hoping to inspire others through randomly placed rock messages along the way.  We decided to paint a few stones and put them around Parks in Whitby (starting with Heydenshore Park). Imagine going for a walk, maybe you’re having a rough day or feeling sad, you look down to see a brightly coloured rock with the message ‘You are Loved’.  Sometimes people just need a little kindness to lift their spirits.

If you come across an inspirational rock, feel free to take one home, or give one to someone in need. And if you really feel like it, start painting your own stones and leave them for someone else to find.

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How to start

Collect some rocks along the beach, nature trails, your cottage or by purchasing them from your local craft store. Smooth flat stones work best.

How to Paint the Rocks

There are lots of different ways to paint rocks.  We decided to use non-toxic acrylic craft paint for the base (you can also use spray paint).  Then we write messages with oil-based sharpie markers.  Once dry, we spray a coat of clear acrylic top coat over the rocks to make them waterproof.

Where to leave them

We’ve decided to drop some along the way, in parks and beaches usually close to areas where people walk so they can be found. PLEASE be careful of local bylaws. Dropping 1 or 2 rocks with encouraging words is fine, but dropping hundreds in the same place could be litter.  We also do not leave rocks on grass areas (where lawn mowers can be damaged) or in the middle of pathways for a bicycle or person to trip on and get hurt).  We have left 1 or 2 rocks in gardens, beside a park bench with a concrete base, on the pebble beaches beside other unpainted rocks.  We have also handed them out directly to neighbours, friends, stores and seniors.

Examples of Sayings:

  • You are loved
  • Simile you are amazing
  • Today's your day
  • You matter
  • Smile you are beautiful
  • Keep going, you've got this
  • You are not alone
  • You rock
  • Follow your dreams
  • Be Happy
  • Find your fire
  • Dance in the rain
  • Hakuna Matata –means no worries for the rest of your days
  • Single words: Forgive / Love / Hope / Dream / Smile