If your company is planning to host a charity silent auction, you're probably looking to include at least a few gift baskets. These can range anywhere from $50 to $5000 in value, depending on the items inside. 

Many business will help by donating items for your auction.  T-shirts, hats, mugs, gift certificates etc. But a t-shirt will get a lot less interest then a larger gift ensemble with a whole bunch of items.  Lumping all those smaller donations together will certainly help make it much more appealing.  But be careful how you group them together.  Some items don't make any sense together and can actually deter any bidders (ie: bag of bird seeds with a car wash kit.  Yes we have actually seen these!)  You will also want to wrap your gifts so they show well, show the business off that contributed the items, and won't fall apart. 

This is where it pays to hire a professional gift basket company.  They can help sort, assemble and arrange all your items to get the most bids.   They can also add a few products here and there to fill up your baskets and make them look fuller.

Gifts for Every Reason has put together thousands of charity donation gifts, silent auction baskets and Gala Gift Baskets over the years all with rave reviews.  We make help group items, showcase business products and ensure there is that WOW effect.  

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