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We are definitely seeing a new trend for Valentines Day in the past few years. Traditionally, Valentine's Day has always been a holiday to send 'red roses' to show a woman how much you love her.

So many women are literally fed up with the dying flower trends, not to mention the incredible inflated prices that appear on flowers the week before Valentine's Day. And their other dilemma is what to send their men. Red roses? Pink carnations? White lilies? Seriously?

That's where Gifts for Every Reason has weighed in. Not only do we have the alternative to sending flowers for women: gourmet baskets filled with either chocolates, spa products, champagne and wine, but now we also specialize in Valentine's Day Gifts for you special Guy. Beer gifts, BBQ baskets, Snacking and movie themes, specialty whiskey baskets. You'll find something perfect and in your price range to send him and show him you care.

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