Purim / Passover

Purim is one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar. It commemorates a time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination.

PURIM - Commemorates the deliverance of Persian Jews from their intended destruction by Haman, the Prime minister of King Ahasuerus also called Xerxes (470 BC). The holiday is marked by the reading of the Megillah (The Biblical Book of Esther) which recounts the details of how Queen Esther and Mordecai managed to thwart Haman's plot.

Because of its uniquely joyful nature, Purim is the occasion for parties and other festivities. It is customary to send food gifts and Gift Baskets ('mishloach manot') to friends and to distribute charity. A special festive meal ('purim seudah') is held on Purim afternoon.

A special pastry called Hamantaschen, which is said to resemble Haman's hat, is eaten. Read from the Megillah (The Book of Esther). Adults and children come dressed in Biblical Costume as Esther, Mordecai, King Ahasuarus, or Haman (Boooooo!) and let’s Nosh some Hamantashen. When the name of Haman is mentioned, make as much noise as possible!!!!!

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