Why planning Corporate Christmas Gifts Early is a good Idea

Did someone say Christmas?  Yes, it may be early for some but, others have already started ordering Christmas gifts for clients.  At Gifts for Every Reason, we already have some new and exciting designs uploaded onto the website with more coming soon.    

But WHY start looking into gifts now?  Well some designs are limited in quantities.  Many items are brought in at discount prices that are passed onto customers.  Bringing in more of these would potentially bump prices up. 

Some specialty items can only be brought in once and cannot be brought in again due to low stock volume.  By November, and sometimes even in October, items are totally sold out from suppliers and that’s when substitutions become necessary.

Looking to ADD your company items into baskets?  It’s a great idea not only to help personalize the baskets and make them unique, but also to promote your company brand.  It’s a great way to stay in front of your customers, and anyone that comes in contact with that basket.  Unfortunately, due to the high Christmas volumes, most companies cannot accommodate changes to their designs in November/December.  Ordering early helps ensure your gift baskets are looked after and gives you time to make and send in your promotional materials.

Volume discounts are also available on early orders and in some cases, you can receive FREE shipping.  

Now if that doesn’t get you thinking about Christmas gift giving, then how about quality products, professional service, experienced designers, award winning designs. Look no further than Gifts for Every Reason.