So many times we’ve heard “I sent a gift basket to someone using XYZ company, and by the time they received it, it had all fallen apart. “

If you’re bringing a basket to someone yourself, then having it properly packed might not matter.  But if you are sending your gift via a courier, whether its local hand delivery or across Canada, having it assembled properly, will make all the difference.

Last thing you want is to spend all that time selecting the perfect gift and having it arrive a scattered mess.  At Gifts for Every Reason, we’ve got you covered.  With over 15 years of practice, we’ve got it down to a science. 

Gift Basket Assembly Tips:

  • Place Larger items in the back to give height
  • Place smaller items towards the front
  • Use softer items like towels or bags to fill in the gaps
  • Add tissue paper or sizzle for any remaining gaps
  • Secure everything with tape or other adhesive. Then secure again so nothing shifts or moves around
  • Cut your cellophane to size and place basket in the middle.
  • Pull up all sides meeting in the middle and secure with ribbon and pull cello tight
  • Tape all sides to ensure nothing can fall out.
  • Add Bow, card etc.  Fluff.  

One of our couriers told us, they can’t believe how sturdy our gifts are.  They’ve joked that we are the only company they deliver for, that they can actually put our gift baskets upside down and nothing shifts or moves!  They never receive complaints from customers when handing the baskets to them.

Trust a company with experience, knowledge and service.