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Gift ideas for People with Cancer

Posted by Gifts for Every Reason on 10/23/2015

(See Get Well gifts)

A friend, family member or co-worker has been diagnosed with Cancer. You would like to send a gift but you are not sure what is appropriate. Gifts for Every Reason, specializes in Get Well Gifts and we have come up with some suggestions that are very popular to give and are well received.

Some ideas include:

· Magazines, books, or gift cards to purchase reading material

· CD's or gift cards for downloadable music

· DVD's of movies, TV shows, or documentaries

· Crossword, Sudoku puzzles or Colouring books

· Special Hat to keep head warm during hair loss

· Warm Blanket to use in the hospital during Chemotherapy Treatment

· Soft Cuddly plush animal with a heating pad that they can cuddle with and help comfort the pain

These gifts can be modified to suit an adult, a senior or even a child. When sending to a hospital, please ensure the person will not be released before receiving their gift. Or have it sent to their home and have it waiting for them.

Gifts for Every Reason – Specializing in Gourmet Gift Giving.

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