Your boss just put you in charge of a large corporate meeting and you need to order flowers, a caterer and gifts for everyone attending.  What do YOU Do?  In most cases, you go online, do a quick search and select the first or second company that pops up. But how good was the choice you just made? In some cases, it may make not only you look incompetent but more importantly it may make your boss look unprofessional.  Either the flowers arrived wilted, the food tasted burnt or the gifts were delivered to another company.

There are a few things that you should always look for before making a decision: 

·        First and foremost, RESEARCH the company you are looking at. A fast and easy way is simply type in the company name into google, and see what comes up.  There are a ton of reviews you can find on Yellow Pages, YELP, Better Business Bureau and more. Again, just make sure you read ALL the reviews you find, not just the top 3.  Sites like YELP for example, exclude many reviews that may show negative comments. Take them ALL into consideration. 1 bad review may not mean anything, but 20 bad reviews are a good sign you should stay away from that company. 

·        Secondly, call or email the company with a question. Any question. Sometimes you may not get an immediate answer but, in most cases you should get a response within the hour.  If it takes the company the next day to respond, they may be a middle man who uses another company to actual make and deliver the items. 

·        The website should have FULL contact information.  A complete address showing the city the company resides in.   Why is this important? Some companies pay for google ads to list them in cities, provinces or states that they are not located in, and then they outsource to another company that will actually complete and deliver the order.  If in doubt always call or email with your questions.  And trust your gut!

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