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Now more than ever, we need to support and promote local products which is why this has become such a popular gift to send. Choose from some of our local products are:
  • Locally hand made wooden tray exclusive to us. Great to reuse in an office, bedroom, bathroom. 
  • From Oshawa, Shortbread Craic, twice baked salted caramel shortbread snack (chewy and decadent) 
  • Locally made Canadian Maple Cookies
  • Locally made Canadian Chocolate Fudge
  • From Whitby, savoury Hungarian Sausage
  • From Mississauga, Praline nuts (aka everyone's favourite Beer nuts)
  • From the Niagara Region, Decadent Red Pepper Jelly
  • Markham's famous White Chocolate pecan bark
  • Toronto's newest edition, Champagne infused White Chocolate popocorn
  • approx size 14 x 8x 3"
Elegantly shrink wrapped to show off contents, tied with ribbon and a note card with your message. An elegant presentation with Free Delivery across most of Canada! (Save $20 when you pick up from our Whitby Location using code pickup)

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