Sending sympathy condolence gifts

How to show your condolences

During the loss of loved ones, friends and family flock to send flowers to show their sentiments. However, more and more people are choosing to send a gift basket to show their sympathies.  As nice as flowers are, sometimes the families receive way too many flowers and they just end up being given away or thrown out.

Food gift baskets can be a very thoughtful and appreciated gift during the difficult weeks ahead. With an assortment of sweet and savoury items, families can nibble on the contents or put them out for guests. They can be sent to the house or the funeral home.

Consider adding a soft teddy bear if there are younger children grieving or even a throw blanket for adults.  Both can very comforting in the grieving months ahead.

Spa gifts are becoming popular choices as well to be enjoyed once all the commotion settles down. Paired with some herbal tea and cookies it makes a lovely personal sentiment.

Let Gifts for Every Reason, deliver your heartfelt expressions of comfort, especially when you are unable to attend. Our gifts will tastefully convey your sincere condolences.

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