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Muskoka Gift


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Muskoka Gifts
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An elegant basket designed for your elite clients filled with quality products they want to share with family and friends featuring our very own hand made wooden crate. Made from quality pine not plywood, each crate is hand sanded, stained and varnished to create a smooth elegant finish for your recipient. 

  • Hand made Wood Container with Moose design
  • 4 pepper olive dip (made in Ontario, all natural and great with tortilla chips and wine)
  • Delicious Crackers
  • Soft Cheese
  • Large Sausage (Made in Ontario, gluten free and delicious)
  • Maple Fudge (Made in Ontario with real maple syrup)
  • Caramel covered Popcorn
  • Beer nuts (Made in Ontario)
  • Fruit Jelly slices
  • Chocolate Truffles
  • And a soft cozy throw blanket 50"x60"
  • Approx size: 16"x 9"x 20"h
Wrapped in Cellophane with elegant ribbons, hand crafted bow and a note card with your message.