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Garden Relaxation
Garden relaxation gifts

Garden Relaxation

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Enjoy some peaceful relaxation outdoors with this beautiful zen garden theme gift set:

  • Engraved river stone with the word Peace on one side and its matching Kanji symbol on the other. Kanji stones are wonderful gifts of inspiration because of their empowering words. They can be used to provide focus during meditation, as an everyday reminder in home decor, or as encouragement in times of struggle. These are welcomed as gifts by men and women alike. 
  • Butterfly Mandala wind chime, features four tube chimes which create lighthearted musical notes. The sail at the bottom features a mandala pattern. Butterflies are symbols of powerful transformation, purity and beauty. They inspire a lightness of being that is in tune with the emotional or spiritual rather than more earthly matters. In many cultures they are viewed as the departed souls of ancestors
  • Word search book
  • English Black Tea (30 bags)
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Godiva Chocolates
  • Approx 6"x 6" x12"  
Wrapped in cello with hand tied bow and note card containing your message. Delivery is Free.