Clarisse custom

Clarisse custom

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From the Diabetic Choice

  • No sugar added Chocolate Cashew Clusters 80g
  • No sugar added Butterscotch Candy, sweetened with Maltitol 100g
  • No sugar added Chocolate covered Peanuts 60g (remove this item to take off the item with peanuts and reduce the cost)
  • No Sugar added Chocolate peppermint Patties 60g (replace this with No Sugar added Dark Chocolate Bar 60g)


Add the Vegan Gluten Free Small

  • Dried Figs 200g
  • Soft Dates 130g
  • Fruit & Nut clusters 28g (I checked and this 180 Cranberry Pomegranate clusters do not have peanuts)
  • Roasted Seaweed Snack  5g