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Say Cheers to the new year:
  • Locally made White chocolate champagne infused popcorn that pops in your mouth
  • Locally made Maple Fudge
  • Locally Made Chocolate covered Raisins
  • Triple Chocolate cake
  • Locally made Ma's Bark, white chocolate pecan buttercrunch
  • Yellow Tails sparkling white wine 750 ml   
  • Approx size 13"x 9"x 18"
Elegantly wrapped with ribbons, hand crafted bow and a note card with your message.

Please note:

·       Gifts for Every Reason, is fully licensed to purchase and deliver alcohol on behalf of customers according the rules set by the LCBO.


·       Proof of Identification AND an Adult Signature is required upon delivery to ensure recipients are 19 years of age and older.   Minors CAN NOT accept delivery.


 ·       We reserve the right to refuse liquor and beer delivery for any reason including insufficient proof of age, intoxication, or failure to respond to our liquor and beer  delivery rules


 ·       Alcohol Delivery fee is included in the price of this gift.


·       Alcohol is purchased the day of delivery. We do not store alcohol on the premises.