Take the stress out of shopping for Stocking Stuffers this year.  Gifts for Every Reason has come up with a list of 40 fun and inexpensive Stocking Stuffer ideas for kids that will have parents done shopping in no time. (Make this your yearly go to list)
1.     Mini Flashlight 
2.     ChapStick or Lip Gloss
3.     Hair Brushes
4.     Gloves or mittens
5.     Hat
6.     Book
7.     Nail polish
8.     Manicure set
9.     Bath Crayons 
10. Play-Doh
11. New water bottle   
12. Socks

13. Lotions or body wash
14. Play Figurines (My Little Pony, Shopkinz, Lego Figures)
15. Hot Wheels
16. Yo-Yo
17. Movie tickets for the family
18. Super Bouncy Ball
19. Bubbles
20. Markers, crayons or pencil crayons
21. Glow sticks
22. Fun Electric Toothbrush 
23. Gel Pens
24. Candy Canes
25. Skipping Rope
26. Christmas Candy
27. Ear buds (headphones)
28. Slinky
29. Whoopee Cushion
30. Chalk
31. Gift Card for i tunes or the movies
32. New cell phone case
33. Diary with lock and key
34. Watches
35. Colouring Books (They have new ones for older kids and adults)
36. Hair accessories
37. Temporary Tattoos
38. Toiletries Bag (for sleepovers)
39. Key Chains
40. Pez Candy dispensers

Ideas brought to you by:
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